Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Summer Projects–The Office


       We had a very busy and very productive summer.  We definitely managed to make a lot of progress on both of our properties.  Hubby and I opened our business fifteen and a half years ago, and, the last time we had done any painting or work to the office was before that.  So, it is definitely time for some fresh paint and some organizing.  This year we started by painting the hallway walls and painting and re-organizing the little office where I work. The paint definitely looked old and dated, and, the was a border along the middle which my son started removing for us years ago when he spent his days with us at the office while we were working.


       The finished project looks wonderful – thanks to my brother-in-law! Amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do.  The hallways look so nice and bright now. 


     We also managed to paint my little office and de-clutter that room.  Unfortunately I did not take a picture of this room before we did the work which is a shame because the change is unbelievable.  This little room held two desks, a card table in the corner between the two desks, a large filing cabinet and a bulletin board on the wall.  It felt so small and claustrophobic.  A fresh coat of paint and some shelves on the wall help to keep everything organized with just one desk and a small filing cabinet!  I love it!  Such a much more pleasant room to be in at work now.


    Such a great start!  And, I already have my projects for next summer all lined up!

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